Irish Notebook

Irish Notes:
The majority of the work that I create has to do with human, (my own), response to any given stimulii and/or environment. So it was with the trip through Ireland. It had been tentatively planned but on landing was abandoned. Each morning the car was pointed in a random direction, using for the most part secondary highways and roads, stopping when and where it felt good.
I met Ireland  The land and the people, away from the usual “Tourist “ haunts. The country and people determined what I saw and how it affected my vision. Each image was conceived as my emotional/psychological response to the environment I was in at any given time.
These prints are about Ireland as I was affected, inspired and seduced by the experience.
These prints are a combination of lithographs and mixed intaglio, (hard ground, soft ground, aquatint and drypoint), printed on chine colle with ink transfer. For additional information and prices please contact Rob Creighton.